About Me

I’ve been working in Software Development for over 20 years, over ten of those now working with organizations and teams who are either trying to ‘become’ Agile or are already ‘Agile.

I hear often questions such as ‘How Agile’ is your organization, that’s not very ‘Agile’ and the thing is I’ve not yet worked for any company where their Agile practices were the same as another company.  And although copying or rather emulating someone else who is successful is an extreme form of flattery it doesn’t mean that their success will translate to your organization.

As an example, just because Ty Cobb’s hitting stance allowed him to become arguably one of the most accomplished hitters in Major League Baseball history it doesn’t mean that if I follow every nuance of his hitting stance that I’ll also become one of the most gifted hitters in the league.  There are just too many variables that make up what each person and organization is.

That’s why I talk about managing reality or it will manage you.  If you aren’t totally honest with where your organization is at, then you will be fooling yourself that any process Agile or otherwise will make the types of impact that you are looking for.

I’ve led my own companies, worked for startups and Fortune 25 organizations, all were Agile all adopted processes based upon the input of the people involved.  If individuals feel as if they have ownership of a process, they are more likely to support and evolve it.


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